For openers…

I’ve concluded, not in recent days but over time, that the information we receive on a daily basis is highly sanitized and controlled by persons who desire to present their own agenda.  I have also learned, even more recently, that the mainstream is becoming less and less mainstream.  The voices of truth and reason are less and less prevalent, and it seems that civil discourse is becoming a rarity.  I know what I believe when it comes to my faith and service to Jesus Christ, my political leanings, my passion for righteousness, and I know that others feel much the same as I do, except that we are always facing a dumbing down or politically correct society that is actually disguised as one that persecutes Judeo-Christians.  The hostility towards believers is often astonishing to me, but not surprising.  It’s OK to talk about other religions or religious tolerance but not necessarily about Christ.  It’s OK…I don’t mind being a voice in and from the wilderness.  John the Baptist was a voice from the wilderness, and his message was revolutionary.

All of us should have an opinion about something.  It’s terrible if you always check the box next to “No Opinion.”  Consider that, as long as we have freedom of speech, we should use it to the best of our ability.  If something bothers you, it doesn’t always serve us well to keep quiet.  Speak up at the proper time, but do so with intelligence and civility.

I like many different subjects, and I aim to weigh in on many of them as often as I can, especially as things bubble up in the media or as events unfold.

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