Is 107.3 The Wave Returning To Cleveland?

I have been following Smooth Jazz 107.3 The Wave ever since it left the main airwaves and was pushed to online and HD2 radio.  This has forced many of us who loved the format to seek alternative methods of get our fill of jazz.  I listen online every day at work and buy product on iTunes when it is available.  To the credit of the persons running The Wave’s HD2 format, they did not abandon the programming–in fact, they did a decent job of injecting some new material, although there were many occasions when the online transmission seemed to rotate the same songs on the playlist rather quickly.  Beggars for smooth jazz here in Cleveland can’t be choosers.

Now, after noting that Akron’s Rubber City Radio group just bought AAA format WNWV V107.3 from Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting, there is a glimmer of hope that a newer form of smooth jazz–now branded as “smooth adult contemporary”–will be returning to the airwaves!  The information is still coming in, but here is a link to article:

Is The Wave Returning To Cleveland?

Truthfully, the AAA format at Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting was not doing well, and it looks like its demise is eminent this month.  While I have nothing against the AAA format, it lacks identity when compared to the dozens of choices available of alternative rock on the radio and online, while smooth adult contemporary radio seems to be catching on as a “souped up” mix of jazz and urban contemporary.  There are presently no choices like this in the Cleveland/Akron market today, but people like me will go and find it, even if it is imperfect as the present incarnation of The Wave is now (today it is playing Christmas music, which was reassuring in that someone must be still doing some programming).

For more information on the “new” Wave, stay tuned, everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Is 107.3 The Wave Returning To Cleveland?

  1. It’s true, Melvin. 107.3 the WAVE will be returning to the airwaves soon. Can’t wait for you to hear the next generation of 107.3 the WAVE in Cleveland.


  2. Just a bit confused about this programming change. Before the Wave was beached 2 years ago. The word was that the format was fading out on commercial radio. The format also had artists added like Seal and Lionel Ritchie to try to boost ratings. But it failed. My belief is the AAA format was catching on. I heard lots of different local advertisers. It was good radio for classic rock listeners and the middle of the road classic alternative crowd who supported the advertisers who profit the radio gurus.Rubber City will find out how a mistake like this will cost them more tweaking of the format down the road. Which will end up close to a WDOK format and boring same old variety of hits.Too many format changes killed 92.3 over a 20 year period.Clear Channel destroyed a powerhouse 100.7. I am not against jazz music. Jazz was once included in the old AOR format back in the 70s. But why end a good thing going now? V 107.3 entertained everyone. From motown to Zeppelin and the artists who became names in Cleveland who were unknowns here a few years ago. Guess what .Cleveland loved it. But the starched collars of RCRG did not. Good luck Rocco,Ravenna,Mike,Brian, Inner Sanctum. The roots were in place to keep a good thing growing.They will see down the road.


  3. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to hear such wonderful news, the
    return of the wave! I think I went through withdrawals when it left the air! I have listened to the wave for many years! So, my computer is old……… couldn’t streamline, and I don’t have HD radio……so this is wonderful news…I can’t wait! I do hope that you keep Ravenna Macelli! She is one of the reason’s I continue to keep my radio at 107.3! Since she has been in the business for many years, she certainly knows what she is doing! She has the voice and the coolness to be a great addition to the Wave! So, I do hope she will return! Again, looking so forward to my favorite
    radio station’s return:) Darlene


  4. Personally I loved the WAVE when it was a jazz station, but then again I like most music with exception of modern pop and rap. That said I think it is a shame to abandon the current format to bring jazz back. This was a breath of fresh air in stagnant airwaves of Cleveland and brought a lot of new music to the ears of listeners that will never be heard on normal commercial radio.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the new format and really do not look forward to 24 / 7 of jazz again. Time to find a new station I guess..too bad WJCU’s signal is so weak.


  5. OMG ! ! ! Yesssss… Now this is truely a Great Present. I was setting up my new Sound system I received for Christmas. And I couldnt believe my ears. The auto preset dial stopped at 107.3 and as I was about to go past it. I heard 107.3 The WAaaaaave. Friends let me tell you something here.This is NOT just A radio staion. This is THE Radio Staion….Thank you so much for Returning. I,m calling & texting everyone to let them all know. The Wave is back YEsssssss. Merry Christmas to you all.


  6. What a Christmas present indeed, Thank God the WAVE is coming back. I hated that new format that followed when the WAVE left. My wife and I never listened to it. I know others like it but to us it was a clanging cymbal to our ears that made us screech. We missed the Jazz music and the concerts that the WAVE brought to the Cleveland area. I am spreading the word that the WAVE is back.


  7. Charles Hirsch 01/12/2012 — 12:57 pm

    The best part for me is the Ramsey Lewis “Legends of Jazz” As a suggestion, maybe you could incorporate some of the old legends like Charlie Parker and Sarah Vaughn in the daytime schedule. Also the “Sounds of Brazil” was so refreshing, especially the sambas and mambos. Maybe adding that to your regular new age stuff, might attract a larger variety of listners including me. John Scofield has some great renditions of classic songs too. This a return change that is what Cleveland really needs. While the current situations here sound so uptight, it is time to relax with “The Wave.


    1. I agree with Charles 100%. this is waht cleveland radio needs. Some real music.


    2. Forgot to mention. Cleveland desperately needs a blues channel or programming. Names such as Buddy Guy, BBKing, Albert King, etc. The classic stuff. Jazz: Cannonball Adderly, Horace Silver, Art Blakey.

      This will mean a lot to Cleveland listeners, especially with the superb acoustics that 107.3 puts out.


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