New Year’s Resolution: Reading The Bible Daily

I have challenged myself recently to find a way–in the midst of my daily routine–to read the Bible each day.  It’s important for me, personally, to do this because (1) I teach Sunday school and I speak from the pulpit when I’m called upon, and (2) it would be silly for me to tell others that reading the Bible daily is important while I’m not doing my best to keep that same commitment.

I have seen a lot of different Bible plans that provide good direction for reading, but I have found that the best fit for me is a two year bible reading plan.  The plan comes from The Two Year Bible, which was published by Tyndale back in 2001 (there are other similar two year plans now available just by searching online, as well).  If you don’t currently have a plan, this may be just what you need to get started!

Why two years to read the entire Bible?  The simple reason is that you are much more likely to be successful with a workable plan in the long run if you can keep your commitment to get through it.  The one year Bible plans that are available are fine if you can commit 15 minutes per day to reading (and that doesn’t include prayer time).  Staying with a one year plan is admirable, but it’s not practical for everyone.  The two year plan that I am following takes about half of the time each day as a one year plan, and it promotes a greater consistency for those persons who are regularly balancing their time with an active lifestyle.  Since we have the desire to read The Word each day because of its goodness (1 Peter 2:2; Job 23:12; Psalm 119:11), it’s good to get into a plan that will allow us to be successful in the long term.  While it’s great to be able to start the plan on January 1, it’s not a requirement–just start the plan on the appropriate calendar date where you are and keep going from there…you can still cover the entire Bible in two years from when you start the plan.  Even if you miss a day or two with the two year plan, you are not so far behind that you can’t get caught up with your reading.  Your level of commitment will help you to have fewer missed days and experience much more success and progress in your reading–leading to a better relationship with God.

I have separated the two year plan into 12 separate documents that each cover two months of dates throughout the reading plan.  The documents refer to year one and year two and it doesn’t matter which year you start with first.  You may prefer to select year one for years that end in an odd number and year two for even number years…the great thing about this plan is that it doesn’t matter where you start…just get it started and stay with it once you do!

Here are links to the two year plan in Word document format in order that you can print and keep these with you for use with your favorite Bible:

Akron Alliance Fellowship Church – Two Year Bible Reading Plan

Melvin Gaines Professional Speaker Services – Who am I? (links on this page)

Start off the New Year the right way by getting closer to God in His Word…daily.  Remember to always accompany your readings with consistent prayer as to how He is speaking to you.  May God bless you in your progress with your reading and in your relationship with Him.

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