Spring Break Relationship Conference 2016 – April 1-2, Stow OH

 Akron Alliance Fellowship Church, Akron OH presents

Spring Break Relationship Conference 2016

A PACT with Jesus:
Making the Right Choices

Your Hosts: Melvin and Lynn Gaines
Your Hosts: Melvin and Lynn Gaines

Choices…everyone makes them. They begin when we are very young and they all lead to consequences. Some are not as apparent as others, but every choice that you make—good or bad—can profoundly affect you or others around you.

Why is it that some people repeatedly make bad choices? Is it from having bad luck? Are others to blame? It’s actually all about sinful behavior. All of us have a problem with sin. We will address this and other important aspects of decision-making to help us turn the tide from making poor choices to consistently making good and correct decisions. The key to success is a growing relationship with Jesus Christ! This is a must-attend event for everyone who desires to do much better in this area! Join us for lively conversation, prayer time and fellowship! The seminar is FREE (hotel stay extra)!

Friday, April 1 • Saturday, April 2

Special room rate for overnight stay only $85.00 plus 15.25% tax.  When booking your room ask for the Akron Alliance Fellowship Church special rate.  Please book your room reservation by Tuesday, March 1 (maximum of 4 guests per room).  A free, hot breakfast is available for hotel guests.

Free internet  •  pool  •  fitness center  •  comfortable and relaxing amenities  •  great shopping and restaurants nearby

Availability will go quickly!  Be sure to register today via email at akronalliance@gmail.com.

Any questions? Call Melvin Gaines at 234.206.0345.

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