Please Pray for a Revival

From Melvin Gaines’ Faith Channel on Telegram dated May 26, 2021:

This channel will be steering clear of anything that could be interpreted as political in nature; however, I’m deeply compelled to point out that sexual abuse of children by adults, according to every moral and ethical standard I have ever encountered, without regard to faith or religious belief, is nothing less than depravity and an abomination to the Lord.

I mention this because near where I live, a group of 31 individuals (multiple races between ages 20 to 80) were arrested for participation in efforts to have sex with children. This is hardly a new occurrence.  There have been arrests over the past few months here with similar results, and not just here in the Cleveland/Akron area. (Please note that this is the place where Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were found alive after 10 years of captivity from kidnapping, rape and emotional abuse at the hands of the late Ariel Castro.)

This is a nationwide affliction that must be addressed.  These are crimes against humanity.  I mention all of this because I believe a number of people, including well-intentioned Christians, remain very naïve as to the nature of depravity that exists. A lot of people are living double lives as we speak.  Parents MUST be more engaged with their children’s online habits.  While God could put an end to all of this in a heartbeat, I believe He is revealing all of this to let people know of the level of evil that is out there.  I also believe that we are called as a people to stand against this evil and pray for lives to be changed for the better–the lives of all who are involved and impacted.   

It is my prayerful desire to see the revival of this nation from this sordid evil and to rescue innocent victims from those who are willing agents of the devil.  They, too, seek to kill and destroy for their own pleasure as they are ultimately destroying themselves.  We also have a large number of young victims that have been deceived and preyed upon by those who are trying to exploit their sexual curiosities.  The results are disastrous and the consequences are potentially dire with lifetime impact.  Prayer changes hearts and minds. God can, and will, change the hearts of all involved to those who will ultimately serve Him and do what is good and righteous as we fervently pray over this issue.  Spread the word and get more of your family members, neighbors and friends to seek the Lord with sincere hearts as we pray for a revival of this nation.

Copyright © 2021 Melvin Gaines.

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